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  • EU remote wifi smart plug
EU remote wifi smart plug

EU remote wifi smart plug

App Control Wifi electric smart wall socket

wifi smart plug Feature:

Remote Control

This smart socket can remote control household appliance by mobile app by WIFI,2G/3G/4G network ,no matter where you are.


Voice Control

Support Amazon Alexa,Google home, voice control , more convenient to operate.


Overload Protection

 APP Set limited power, overload protection ,make your home more safe.


Stay ON Schedule

Timer setting ,Create schedules for connected electronics on  app based on your daily and weekly routines. Have lamps, fans and other devices turn on and off automatically at the same time (or different times) each day and night. Save energy and lower your electricity bill.


Power Meter

Monitor and save the power and energy,you can see how much power you used.


Scene Customization

Create your own scene to suit your needs, such as Back Home, Leave Home, Sunrise, Good night and so on. Set your home to automatically turn on the lights and close curtain when you come back home


Device Sharing

With Ogemray APP, Device Sharing is designed to let you easily shared your controlled appliances in your household. Make everyone in your family enjoy smart life together.

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